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Motion Pictures 

Movies, TV,  Games And Much More   

Imagiforce Motion Pictures  - Operations encompass film, video and DVD productions, marketing and distribution,  television programming and syndication,  development of new entertainment technologies,  and distribution of worldwide independent films.

It blends other specialty releases, with it's own products,  which can be marketed through the Imagiforce various  properties and other outlets. This allows it's other partners the extra benefit of reaching a much broader base of exposure,  than from just one source. . 


NEW - 3D Virtual Theater - is a new interactive home theater environment,  where discoveries for the 21st century, are being brought to life in film, video and DVD, along with advancing technologies and digital entertainment. 

From  simple,  special interest shorts, including  legendary raw footage and animated shorts, to 21st century movie magic - new and never - seen - before,  movies, documentaries, VR simulations, games, and television show pilots.

It's mission is, to not only bring the best of family oriented theater environments to the internet, along with more choices entertainment,  but at at the same time, help top quality,  independent producers of all sizes,  harness the power of new media marketing, 

NEW - World Of The Future. -  Science and Technology Show -"Discoveries for the 21st century" -  Broadcasting the latest news in science and  technology, along with new breakthroughs in world health and alternative medicine. 

Film Search - Imagiforce Film Search is an independent arm of Imagiforce Motion Pictures. 

Film-Video-DVD Producers - Film Search is presently searching for high value film, video,  DVD, TV pilot shows, in various categories, created by world-class talent,  and exciting newcomers.  (Only family oriented films and videos are accepted for review.) 

If you are a video producer or independent filmmaker, and wish to find out more, please  contact us at :

Telephone - 1-813-949-9383 (English only at this time) 
USA - Tampa, Florida (Eastern Standard Ti
me ) 


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