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Providing Complete Turnkey
Marketing - Distribution Solutions

MARKETING - DISTRIBUTION - Specializing in high quality products and services from different industries around the world. Dedicated to imports, exports, promotion, representation and distribution of American and International  products. 

Imagiforce can,  not only help guide the entrepreneur on how to market and choose the best channels  that are necessary for a particular product or service. but it's years of media experience,  allows it to integrate those options  into multiple channels of  marketing and distribution, including television, print and the world wide web.

PUBLIC RELATIONS - Press Release Services – Consulting -- Marketing - Distribution - Media Planning, Advertising 

Our years of product development and marketing experience can help to increase your product and company  exposure worldwide through access to new markets and customers and interactive communication.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT - Imagiforce has a proven track record of promoting only the highest quality products.  It's research center evaluates all products and services for quality, value and convenience,  before they are given the green light to be promoted by Imagiforce.  

This allows it to automatically attract an  upscale audience - well educated and wealthy, as well as  the general public.  

MULTI-PLATFORM OPPORTUNITIES - Imagiforce blends other specialty releases and other products with its own products, that are marketed through the Imagiforce various media properties and other outlets. Filmed Entertainment, Direct Broadcast Satellite TV, Magazines, Inserts, Newspapers and the World Wide Web.  

MERCHANDISE INTRODUCTION POLICY - All products and services are researched for quality, value and convenience, before they are given the green light to be recognized by Imagiforce. This allows all partners the extra benefit of, automatically attracting an  upscale audience, well educated and wealthy, as well as  the general public.  

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